So you were born...

and now everyone and their mother is asking to see your birth chart.

astrology courtesy of Yasmin Imamur

astrological! thank you Yasmin Imamur for the groovy art.

I know, I know. You may be thinking "why is everyone asking for this sensitive information off my birth certificate, which is a very legal and sensitive document?

But don't you just find it so exciting that the stars can give us hints to help us see who we are?

Plus, your friends probably just want to know more about you is all.

Hey parents/legal guardians, what time was I born at? Yeah, like... the exact minute?

If you haven't asked this question, can you even call yourself a true zillennial?

There are many reasons as to why you should memorize your birthtime. Similarly to knowing your Social Security Number, knowing the time of your birth...

  1. Is useful personal information to be able to pull out at a moment's notice.
  2. Demonstrates self-reflection and deep introspection regarding one's place in the world.
  3. Makes for great party conversation.

Okay, we get it. Now where's your birthchart, Uche?

Tough crowd.

So, do you remember when I made a loose comparison between the exact time of birth and a Social Security Number? That was for a reason. We can't let everyone know everything about us!

That is why, instead of engaging with my riveting yet very private birthchart, you may instead enjoy my BSG. Despite us having spent an entire quarter together on it, I bet you actually haven't seen the final result yet! It got a major facelift.

Click here. I worked really hard on it!


uek approves.